Be Part of History as our Master Mind Marketing Group Journey BEGINS

Welcome HOME.Good Morning..Good Afternoon..Good Evening wherever you may Be!!

INTRODUCING our FIRST MOVERS Marketing Team.By enrolling before  12/31/19 you have Positioned yourself as a "FIRST MOVER FOUNDER(F..M..F) Member" in our Group.ALL F.M.F's will be under the Guidance one or More of our "Pioneer Founders

Current Pioneer Founders(P..M.A'S)

**Paul Allison-Head of Quality Control..Email Mailing Extraordinaire

**Anthony Walker..-"Crypto Currency & Info Trainer"

**Cole McWherter-Digital Marketer..Web Developer.."Crypto Currency & Info Trainer" + Online Marketing Ninja

**Bill Jenkins-In House Credit Educator..FICO Enhancement..Repair....with a  Twist of Being a Passionate Racing Enthusiast

**GREG BEY-Direct Mail & Lead Generation Consultant(Primarily Offline)

**Our First FOUNDING Member

COMING SOON.........

NOW that you Have met our Team(YES we have Fun Here)

LET Me SHARE.... Our FOCUS and Objective!

Our FOCUS and Objective is to Be your "Extended Marketing"+..Advertising with Cash Leveraging..& Networking ARM Aka Your "Master Mind Marketing & Concierge TEAM"

NEED Immediate Help?


OUR Team is Developing ONE of the First Universal "Resource Networks".(AKA An Innovative & Global "Cooperative") (I.A.G.C)

We specialize in connecting Business Owners,Entrepreneurs,as well as the everyday CONSUMER with Unique and Innovative Resources.

**Each and every Resource can has the potential to be combined with other Resources which Essentially  CREATES one's OWN Network.ASK US How we can GUIDE you on Building yours TODAY!

The Core Objective and MISSION of the Group is to perform and facilitate the Following:

*Personal USE of the Network's & Or a  specific member(s) Resource..Product..Service..*Paying-It-Foward (P.I.F) the Network & Or a specific member(s) Resource..Product..Service..

*Contributing to the Growth and Expansion of the Network by Facilitating a Meeting (online or offline)

*Joint Venturing/Partnering with the Network & or a Specific Member(s) for the objective of expanding/growing their respecting BRAND

We are OFFERING a Step-Step "Success Blueprint".Our Network and members

FOCUSES  Multiple Areas our Primary Objective is on 3 KEY and Distinct Areas:

**BRAND Awarness

**Lead Generation

**Customer/Client Acquisition

This PROCESS begins with a STREAMLINE of  Innovative Strategies BEGINNING with TWO Distinct ones that Provide:

A.Products and Services that OFFER Relevant SOLUTIONS

      B.Generate MULTIPLE Income Streams in conjunction  with those Relevant + Residual INCOME SOLUTIONS

  When a MEMBER ENROLL someone this equals 25 MasterConnectors Point(25MCP).*Note..When our Group reaches 100 First Mover FOUNDERS(F.M.F) the enrollment will CLOSE.Should 01/01/20 Arrive and we have not reached 100 members the admins will determine if an extension is Necessary.

There is NO Cost of a First Movers.After we have Reached our 100 quota,Our Group will contain "MEMBERS".

All Participants BENEFITS


***Introduction to a Innovative Relationship Marketing Tool (Virtual Card +Mobile Page)with Constant Enhancements

**ACCESS to our Strategic Alliance for FULL Service Digital Marketing Agency to CLOSE

Sales(Optional) Coming Soon

*Our Video Creation Software Service(with Consultation)

****ACCESS to Brand New Social/News Channel

*ACCESS to Travel Savings Program

***Marketing Systems..Tools.Training etc!

***OUR OWN In-HOUSE Social Media AGENCY..(T.B.A)

**National Television EXPOSURE of your Offer..Project or Business(Slated for Fall 2019)

*Recommended Business Opportunities,Projects,Offers..Innovative Products & Services

*Listing Building...Lead Generation..and C.R.M.S(CLICK ON "Prospects Rejection FREE" Banner)

*****Need  a CREATIVE Way to Acquire NEW CLIENTS?Get a Local Chapter for Office Destiny Giving 911 Interested in Utilizing the Office Destiny LOGO(See Below) Make sure to visit the "WEBSITE" Link Below and Click on the "Master Connector's Command Center"TAB" OR Connect with the Member who REFERRED for Inquires!

***Conference Call/Webinar Overviews given by Network/Alliances (Including Guest Speakers)

***Innovative Crowdfunding Strategies

***Innovative Marketing Platform to Grow your Small Business.Project....

**BUILT in OPTIN Rewards..Coming SOON

***Member Picks and Much Much More!!!

Our  Conference Calls  are  as Follows: Mondays 4pm est/2pm cst/1pm Pac Thursdays & Sat Afternoons (Founders ONLY)

**Webinars TBA/Watch for Details

Contact your Referral FOR ACCESS INFO

*****CALLING ALL Business Owners..Entrepreneurs..Networkers,and CHARITIES...

We are part of a Platform that is Creating a DISRUPTION in Fundraising....

ASK us About our Strategic Alliance .Introducing Office Destiny Giving 911

Want to be a ROCKSTAR or get your OWN "Office Destiny Giving 911"? Visit my VIRTUAL Business

card OR REQUEST the link from the Business,person, or GROUP that INVITED you to our NETWORK!

Learn More about one of Our "RECOMMENDED Resources" The Rising Stars Team Today

News Rockstar


"CONVERSATIONS WITH SHARKS"...See Just ONE Powerful Giving 911 BENEFIT Members will have ACCESS To!!!!

STOP..MAKE Sure to WATCH THE VIDEO at BOTTOM of PAGE*****************************************************************************************

******Have a Business,Idea,Project etc get great EXPOSURE as an OPTIN REWARD...

Coming SOON

Finally Make Sure to visit  one or BOTH of a Founding Member's  "Mailers"

(CLICK on the Special Delivery or Golden Rose Logos Below)

to Start Branding your Business via 2 POWERFUL Viral Mailers...

ASK our IN HOUSE Viral Mailer Expert Paul Allison on HOW he can take your

mailing to the NEXT Level!!!!

*****ONLY SERIOUS SHOULD PARTICIPATE******There are NO Guarantees of INCOME/Results

based on Your... Your TEAM...& OUR Mastermind Network Marketing efforts.

Individual Efforts Vary and Participating is STRICTLY Voluntary.We at NO TIME sell YOUR INFORMATION

Get started  TODAY in 3 EASY Steps

1. Get back to the person who INVITED you here(If no inviter and you found this by searching

Feel free by enrolling with Name and Email and SUBMIT Info below)

2.JOIN our FB Group AFTER Enrolling Only

3.)Start Participating in our Network by Learning,Earning,and SHARING our Concept

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If you default, there are consequences that include:

Administrative wage garnishment
Lawsuit by the attorney general
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Tax refund intercept

The severity of the penalties for defaulting on your student loans is
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